Volunteer Form - BIL LA 2016
See the link bellow for information on the event:

As a BILder we're constantly growing; ask yourself the question, "How can I make this better"!

A 4 hour shift will absolutely earn a free ticket code!

Some of our organizing committee wouldn't be here if it weren't for the free ticket option and volunteering, so please take it if you need it! That being said, please donate if you can!

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Volunteer Roles
We have 3 main job categories so there's bound to be something for everyone!
If not, then show us a new job and tell us why it's important!

Please check any and all that you can commit to.

For more specific information click the link bellow to view the BIL Volunteer Roles Wiki!

Curating & Coordinating
These are jobs that require research and communication. The goal is to find a great fit for all parties involved!
Pre and Post Event
These responsibilities are not eligible for free tickets.
Day of Jobs
Select all that apply!
Availability: Saturday, April 2
Check time slots you're interested in for your Day of Job.
Availability: Sunday, April 3
Check time slots you're interested in for your Day of Job.
What did we miss?
Propose a new job! Don't forget to tell us the job's responsibilities, name, and why we would be fools for not having one!
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Pre-Planning Committee
If you'd like to be involved in the planning stages leading up to the Conference, let us know your interests, ideas and time commitment! (if this is left blank you'll not be included in the Pre-Planning Committee)
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Post Conference Video Processing
After each event we have a lot of footage to organize, edit, and finally upload to YouTube. If you're interested in helping in this process please list the programs you know and any info you want us to have!
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If you'd like to host an activity or have your own idea of how to participate, tell us here!
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