Interdepartmental Science Students' Society Microtalk Presenter Submissions
The Microtalk Event is a chance for all student to nerd out and appreciate the wonders and challenges in STEM fields! In collaboration with science student groups, we hope to a hold an interdisciplinary event highlighting the fantastic efforts of scientists and innovators in the Faculty of Science.

What is a microtalk?
A five minute presentation quickly summarizing an interesting project, topic or research field. Microtalks are usually accompanied by a backdrop of slides (pictures, animations, minimal text) and are meant to stimulate discussion. Crafted for the wider public, they are usually simplified "pitches."

Why microtalks?
Undergraduate science students are always looking for new areas to explore and research. This event gives a chance to students to grasp an understanding of the Faculty's many strengths and operations. The event also attracts active learners interested in how different science concepts contribute to innovation. Because microtalks are short and sweet, they are often dynamic!

When is the event?
It will take place on March 10th at 5:30PM in CCIS (room TBA).

How will the event be run?
Based on "general" science areas, speakers will be split up into blocks, which will consist of three to five talks. There will likely be a total of two blocks. After each block, we'll call up all the speakers from the block to answer questions from the audience for about 6 minutes. Then it's straight to the next block!

There will be a networking session at the end of the event, when light refreshments and food will be provided to all attendees!

The last date for submission is March 4th, 2016.

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