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We are excited about the Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast.  "The Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast" aims to be a beacon of support for the Body of Christ by fostering a journey towards breaking the barriers of shame that often obstruct emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Our mission is to conduct interviews and collaborate with respected Therapists, Social Workers, Life Coaches, Counselors, Psychologists, Healthcare Professionals, and individuals who have firsthand testimonies of God restoring thier mental health, whether they sought professional help or not. Through these conversations, we aim to guide individuals towards holistic healing, encouraging the fusion of faith and learned skills for enhanced mental and emotional well-being.

In addition to our podcast, we provide various services, including the Faith and Mental Wellness Directory, as well as the Faith and Mental Wellness Summit. Go HERE to learn more about our resources and don't forget to subscribe, visit, or join our directory!

Thank you for your interest in being a part of our podcast. We are dedicated to providing valuable insights and perspectives on faith and mental wellness topics. If you believe your experiences, expertise, or story aligns with our podcast's mission and would contribute meaningfully to our discussions, please complete the form below.

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Our podcast explores a variety of topics tailored for both adults and children. While not limited to these, our discussions cover a broad range of subjects, delving into the unique mental health challenges and strategies for well-being relevant to different age groups. 

Topics We Are Looking For:


   - Types of anxiety disorders

   - Coping mechanisms for anxiety

   - Mindfulness and relaxation techniques


   - Recognizing signs of depression

   - Treatment options and therapy approaches

   - Lifestyle changes for managing depression

Stress Management:

   - Identifying sources of stress

   - Stress reduction techniques

   - Balancing work and personal life


   - Importance of self-care routines

   - Creating personalized self-care plans

   - Integrating self-care into daily life

 Positive Psychology:

   - Fostering a positive mindset

   - Gratitude practices

   - Building resilience

 Sleep and Mental Health:

   - Impact of sleep on mental well-being

   - Tips for improving sleep quality

   - Addressing sleep disorders

 Body Image and Mental Health:

   - Body positivity

   - Impact of media on body image

   - Developing a healthy relationship with one's body

 Relationships and Mental Health:

   - Communication skills

   - Boundaries in relationships

   - Seeking support from loved ones

 Grief and Loss:

    - Coping with loss

    - Stages of grief

    - Finding support during difficult times


    - Strategies for adapting to change

    - Dealing with uncertainty

    - Resilience in the face of life transitions

 Social Media and Mental Health:

    - Impact of social media on mental well-being

    - Healthy social media habits

    - Addressing cyberbullying and online stress

 Addiction and Substance Abuse:

    - Understanding addiction

    - Seeking help for substance abuse

    - Recovery and relapse prevention

 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

    - Overview of CBT

    - Applying CBT techniques

    - CBT for different mental health conditions

 Workplace Mental Health:

    - Recognizing signs of mental health issues at work

    - Promoting a healthy work environment

    - Balancing work and mental well-being

 PTSD and Trauma:

    - Understanding post-traumatic stress disorder

    - Trauma-informed care

    - Healing from traumatic experiences

 Eating Disorders:

    - Types of eating disorders

    - Treatment options

    - Developing a healthy relationship with food

 Parenting and Mental Health:

    - Balancing parenthood and self-care

    - Recognizing parental stress

    - Support for parents' mental health

 Post-Partum/Perinatal Mood Disorders

Domestic Violence

Frequently Asked Questions: 
1. What will the interview format be like?
Our podcast typically follows a conversational format where we discuss various topics related to faith and mental wellness. It's a relaxed and open dialogue aiming to share insights and experiences. Each podcast episode will be different depending on your topic and the needs of the audience.  We will record our interview via Zoom or Streamyard and parts of the video will be marketed across various social media platforms.  Wear what makes you comfortable and how you want others to see you!

2. How long will the interview last?
Our interviews usually last about 30 minutes, but we're flexible based on the conversation flow. We aim for a comfortable length that covers important points without feeling rushed.

3. Will there be specific topics or questions discussed? While we have an outline, our discussions are organic. We might touch on faith-based practices for mental wellness, personal stories, coping mechanisms, or any relevant topics that arise naturally.

4. Will there be an opportunity to review questions or topics beforehand?
We typically share a general overview of the topics we'll cover.  Before the interview a list of questions will be provided in advance and before we record we will review any questions you or I may have.  

5. Can I promote my work or share links during the podcast?
Absolutely! We encourage guests to share their relevant projects, books, or resources during the interview that is relevant to your topic during the interview. It's a great opportunity for our audience to learn more about your contributions.

6. When will the episode featuring my interview be released?
We aim to release episodes within 4-6 weeks after recording. We'll keep you informed about the release date and share the episode links and graphics once it is live.

7.  What are the expectations for me in reference to marketing?
We do ask that you share your episode with your network as well to reach more people. This podcast is created and fully funded by the host, the more you share the better. We will provide you with marketing materials.

*If you have any other questions please email us at or post them at the end of this form. 
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