Student Survey
This survey is anonymous. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. Your answers will help to make our school a better place.
Gender *
Who do you live with? *
Did you eat breakfast this morning? *
I _____________________ use my planner. *
I _________________ like to come to school. *
At TBMS, students are treated with respect by staff members. *
I know my teachers care about me, even when I make mistakes. *
I feel like the school rules are the same for each student. *
If I do not understand something in class, I ask the teacher for help. *
If I need help outside of the classroom I feel I can ask the teacher for help. *
Do you feel safe coming to school? *
My teachers try to find out what I am interested in *
Do you have an adult who supports you at school? *
I _____ listen and follow directions in my classes *
I _______ come to my classes prepared with planner, binder, and class materials. *
I ____________ conduct myself in a responsible manner when I am in the restroom. *
Do you feel like you understand the TBMS Shared Expectations *
To show Winger Pride I respect _________, ___________, and _________
Your answer
Have you been bullied this year at TBMS?
Where does bullying happen in our school?
You may choose more than one answer
Have you ever tried to help a student who was being bullied?
If you have been bullied have you asked a teacher for help?
When I report a bullying issue, I feel like the adult listens to me and tries to help.
Last year, did you participate in an after school activity?
(that could be Environmental Learning Center, Community Ed, Chuch Group, YMCA, etc)
Do you want to participate in an after-school activity this year?
Do you know what your options are for after-school activities?
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