MANSFIELD TOWN FC - Fans Match day experience and Equality and Diversity Survey
Collecting key data about fans match day experiences help us to improve the match day services we provide.

Collecting and monitoring key equality data about fans is essential in allowing the Club to understand more about our fan base and ensure that the services provided by us are appropriate and relevant. By completing our survey we will be able to fully understand where and how we can address under-representation and ensure that we encourage all of our local communities to get involved in football, whether as a fan, a coach, a steward or to join the Club’s workforce.


This equality and diversity audit of fans provides the Club with information about the extent to which it is complying fully with the employment provisions of the Equality Act 2010.

Please note: The information provided on this form will be treated in confidence and is anonymous. You are not required to provide your name and completion of this form is not compulsory. The information will be used for the sole purpose of monitoring the effectiveness of our Equality Policy.

Any personal information provided will be processed in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. If you have any more questions about the survey please contact the club Equality Champion by email on .

1. Kiosks/Tea bars: Cost - What do you consider our pricing on refreshments to be?
2. Kiosks/Tea bars: Offering - What do you consider our variation on refreshments to be?
3. Kiosks/Tea bars: Availability and service - How do you rate our service on a match day?
4. Music - Do you enjoy the pre-match music at The One Call Stadium and how would you rate it?
5. Big-screen content - Since the installation, how do you rate the big-screen content before, during and after the match?
6. Facilities - How would you rate the facilities of The One Call Stadium on a match day?
7. If you have accessed Match day Hospitality in the 1861 suite, how do you rate the experience in terms of value for money?
8. Match day magazine: How do you rate the design and content of our match day programme?
9. If you have accessed the Family Block, how do you rate our activities/entertainment before kick off?
10. What time do you normally arrive inside the stadium?
11. Sex - are you:
12. What is your age?
13. Do you consider yourself to have a disability or impairment?
14. If you answered yes to Q13 above, how would you describe your impairment?
15. If you answered yes to Q13, What effect does your impairment have on your day-to-day life?
16. Ethnic Group - Are you white? *
17. Ethnic Group - Are you Mixed / Multiple ethnic groups?
18. Ethnic Group - Are you Asian / Asian British
19. Ethnic Group - Are you Black/African/Caribbean/Black British
20. Ethnic Group - Are you any other ethnic group?
21. If you have undergone, are undergoing, or intend to undergo gender reassignment, are you?
22. What is your religion or belief?
23. How would you describe your sexual orientation?
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