[SUPREME PARENTS] Groupchat Admin Form
Dear mummies (& daddies),
To allow a safe platform for all of us , we would like to request on behalf of Supreme Parents (http://www.supreme-parents.com/about-us.php) that you complete the following Google Form before we add you into the various groupchats managed by Supreme Parents.

(1) Lobangs - Parents IN SG

With more people joining us, we will be doing a clean up whenever the need arises.

We strongly advise you to adhere to the following:
- Keep your chatter aligned to the intended purpose of the groupchat
- Respect and accept the house rules set by group admins
- Agree to disagree objectively with fellow parents

We strongly prohibit the following behaviours:
- Being disrespectful to anyone in the groupchat (including groupchat admins)
- MLM recruitment and sales of products
- Sharing of illicit content
- Harrassment to anyone (including fellow parents and sponsors) in any way
- ADVertorials that may not been approved by groupchat admins prior to posting
- Irrelevant ADVertorials
- Spamming, whether by repeated posting in groupchat or by private messaging individual members of the groupchat
- Being active on the groupchat but choosing to remain oblivious to notices sent by groupchat admins
- Choosing to be an influencer and being irresponsible in any way, including becoming missing in action

The following types of individuals will be REMOVED with immediate effect and without warning:
- CHEATS in any type of contests
- BANNED / BLACKLISTED / COMPLAINED by sponsors at events
- SCANDAL MONGER (https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Scandalmonger)
- LURKERS with the intent of GATHERING AND SELLING LEADS for commercial purposes

To help you with the form-filling, pls refer to the following URL.
People’s Association Street Index System: https://sis.pa-apps.sg/NASApp/sim/AdvancedSearch.aspx
View Parents Location List: https://goo.gl/jSRkQr

This group is open to ALL parents residing in Singapore ONLY, for sharing of basically anything in SIngapore that's relevant /suitable for PARENTS!

Read on for Group Chat etiquette and House Rules: https://goo.gl/mdyRq8

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