SIL Mentorship Program- Mentee Applications
SIL's new mentorship program offers the chance to students and early careers limnologists to be mentored by experienced scientists within the SIL international community that are willing to guide and advise them.

Criteria to become a mentee:
-Early career researcher, PhD or master student
-Affiliated with a limnology research institution in a developing country*

* Gross Domestic Products (Gross National Incomes) per capita of US 25,000 or lower (based on the most recent World Bank list).

Responsibilities of the mentee:
-defines areas and topics for which feedback and input from the mentor is needed
-responds to comments and suggestions by the mentor
-is available for (virtual) meetings
-engages in SIL activities when needed such as content creation for our social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube (regarding your experience in this program, and other content regarding your research if needed)
-becomes your country-specific link between your national limnology society (if you have one) and SIL, meaning you can be called up to pass over SIL communications to your national society
write a short (1000 words) final report on the activities between mentee and mentor once the mentorship is over
-is available to answer further questions concerning the mentorship program – if needed- via emails or virtual calls with the Mentorship Program Committee

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