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Hey awesome human,

I am calling forward a limited number of men open to a pilot programme about how to be a better lover 'The Free Man'.

You will get fucking awesome content with down-to-earth and no bullshit insight into how intimacy and attraction really work. You will have weekly access to ask me questions to help you on a more personal level because we all have a different set of circumstances.

I have been studying sexuality intensely for nearly 8 years, and I am offering this 'pilot programme' at a reduced rate so that I can teach you and learn from you at the same time.

If you have any questions outside of this questionnaire, please contact me personally on or add me on Facebook Wala Truscott.

Enjoy your day,

Wala :-)

Somatic Sex Educator
Intimacy & Attraction Facilitator
Sexological Bodyworker
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Thank you for being an awesome human and wanting to learn more about how to be a better lover.

I will be in touch within 72 hrs. Feel free to add me on Facebook to chat.

Big hugs,


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