2021-2022 Little Wonders Board Interest
The Board of Directors and teachers of Little Wonders invite you to make a difference and have some fun by joining the 2021-2022 Board of Directors!

The Board consists of 12 elected members, each of whom holds one of the specific positions listed below. Members of the Board meet once a month to discuss current and future issues affecting the operation of the school.

Serving on the board is an excellent way to meet other parents and have a say in the decisions that impact your child and our school. Membership on the board also fulfills your job and school wash responsibilities, and gives you registration priority for the class of your choice.

Please let us know if you or your partner would be interested in joining the Board by completing this form by no later than Monday, February 15th, 2021. You may indicate interest in as many positions as you like. The Selection Committee will be conducting interviews the end of February and a proposed slate will be posted by mid-March. Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm!
Little Wonders Board Positions
Co-Presidents: Kim Lee & Kate Tobias, president@littlewonders.org
Presides over board meetings, oversees all committees, promotes and protects the school’s interests and provides leadership and support to the school and the Board.

Vice President, Liaison: Chrissy Dobson, liaison@littlewonders.org
Organizes and disseminates school announcements, oversees class liaisons and placemat project, and oversees community outreach programs.

Co-Vice President, Registrar: Jayme Karle & Vanessa Quesada, registrar@littlewonders.org
Oversees the registration of families, including creating the registration packets, maintaining class lists and wait lists, responding to questions, collecting tuition and processing all enrollment changes throughout the year.

Jobs Chairperson: Alyse Lynam, jobs@littlewonders.org
Functions as our personnel department, ensuring that every family has a job and every job has a description; manages the Towel Washers, Pajama Party Hosts, and Playdough Makers’ schedules.

Events Chairperson: Ava Campos, events@littlewonders.org
Oversees the planning and execution of all the events, including the All School Meeting, Halloween Party, and School Picnic.

Co-Development Chairperson: Kristen Crooker & Nesa Bergman, development@littlewonders.org
Oversees the school's fundraising efforts, including small auctions-silent and live, photography and keepsake fundraising, and social fundraisers. Solicits grants for the school, as needed.

Co-Publicity Chairperson: Sarah Carson & Daphne Howe publicity@littlewonders.org
Plans and implements community events. Produces all advertising to promote Little Wonders.

Technology Director: Dan & Brenda Fridman, technology@littlewonders.org
Manages the school’s computers, databases, websites, email and communications. Must have a personal computer with Internet access.

Treasurer: Lorraine Basile, treasurer@littlewonders.org
Handles the school’s finances, banking, insurance and teacher benefits. Provides budget reports to the Board for decision-making purposes. Must have a personal computer with Internet access.

San Mateo Council Representative: Emily Morse, council@littlewonders.org
Represents the school’s interests with the San Mateo Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools. Attends monthly Council meetings and holds a job as part of the Council.

Facilities Chairperson: Frances Winn, facilities@littlewonders.org
Keeps the school operating smoothly. Works with the Director and the Board towards ongoing improvements to the classroom and outdoor area. Coordinates and shares leadership of School Washes.

Secretary: Steph O’Grady, secretary@littlewonders.org
Produces minutes of the Board meetings, responds to general correspondence and leads the application process for next year’s Board.
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