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Please submit a separate form for each request.  

If you are booking Front Yard Performances for neighbours, attempts to have them in the same time window is much appreciated.   (These performances must be scheduled for after the lockdown)

Logistics for Front Yard Performances can be tricky, so please await either a confirmation email or an email discussing possible adjustments to fit travel and timing together most efficiently.  (Booking in advance today)
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Do you need this performance to happen in less than 48 hours from the submission of this request form?
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Your email (used to make confirmations, return communication,  etc. - will not be shared.) *
Your phone number (may be used if people you are booking for do not respond to their call or their visit at pre-arranged time. It will not be shared, but may be used for in-the-moment problem solving.) *
How can I help you spread joy and love through songs? *
If you have indicated you are looking for a custom experience, or to provide more context to your plans (Like, "please go to side door" etc.) that you feel are necessary, please use the following space to describe specifics.  
What song/s would you like?   Only name one song unless you are indicating that you are ordering additional songs, for the additional fee of $10 per song on the same call/visit.   The TOP TEN most popular songs are in drop down, but a larger list is on the website: 2sendasong.ca.  Please feel free to use "other" to indicate another song.   *
Mode of Delivery for Sharing a Song/s *
If Video Calling, you are responsible for confirming one of the following options with the people receiving the song.   Please indicate which of the following provided platforms is being requested.  
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Name and Address*/Phone Number/Email of Persons Song is Being Requested For: *
What makes these people special to you? Or if ordering a house visit, what would you like printed in the card they will receive.  (This will be used exactly, so please make sure it is the way you want it before pushing submit.)
Time Slot Being Requested (June-July-August 2021)
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If ordering a home performance, would you also like them to have a CD of Susan singing for $5?
If you are ordering for a specific timed event or for a custom experience, please clearly indicate the date, time and location that you are requesting.
Cancellation/Unavailable Policy: Payments will be required at least 24 hours prior to performance by e-transfer to 2sendasong@gmail.com (unless alternate payment method has been arranged.)  Cancellations or "no shows" for front yard and video/phone performances will be given a 50% credit towards a re-booking.  Event cancellations with less than five days notice will be given a 50% credit for a re-booking and those with less than 48 hours notice will be given a 25% credit towards re-booking.  For custom events, a deposit and cancellation arrangement will be discussed per booking.   *
Payment: Payment will be received within 48 hours of confirmation of order and will be done by e-transer to 2sendasong@gmail.com, unless alternate payment has been arranged.   *
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