General information to consider when planning a character's backstory and role-play aspects.
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Consider the area from which your character hails from. Are they from a small rural settlement, or a sprawling metropolis? What is the name of the town, or the nation it's located in? Electing to provide a name for a location not listed on a current map may allow you some agency in adding to the LARP's world!
Who are your relatives? Do you have any brothers or sisters? How do you get along with them, and what are they like?
Social & Economic Status
What lifestyle does your family typically lead? Do your relatives have specific careers or hold any related titles or status within guilds and orders affiliated therewith?
Please note: characters should generally not begin play claiming connections to high-ranking social or political figures, or to vast sums of wealth.
Childhood & Upbringing
What was your childhood like, and what sorts of activities did you enjoy growing up? These interests may help shape your interests and behaviors later in life.
Friends & Relationships
Does your character have any close friends they might share some history with or who they might contact on occasion? Are they closely connected to another individual or have a more direct relationship with them? Do they have children?
Experience & Training
From farmer to soldier, everyone's got some form of skills, experiences, and training related to skills, hobbies, or jobs. In what sorts of professions--be they legal or otherwise--might your character have some degree of background in?
Reason for Adventuring
Adventuring is far from a safe line of work, and seldom offers a guaranteed income at the end of the day. What's prompted your character to take up such a rough lifestyle, even if it's a part-time gig?
Personal Interests
What does your character enjoy? What sort of hobbies do they have? Do they enjoy a particular style of card game, or are they a fan of a particular type of food?
As mundane as it may seem, establishing these baseline features and keeping them in mind may effectively enhance your role-play efforts and immersion in the role.
Personality Traits & Flaws
For better or worse, what are some noticeable traits about your character's personality?
While these features may offer guidance for establishing norms for portraying the character, their flaws may provide personal growth and role-play opportunities as well.
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