Lung Transplant Survey
patientMpower has worked with lung transplant specialists and recipients to build a solution tailored to the complex needs of people who have received a lung transplant.

patientMpower for Lung Transplant is a mobile platform which enables patients to keep track of everything relating to their health after a transplant and share this information with their healthcare team in real time (where patientMpower also works with your hospital).
patientMpower links to integrated monitors (spirometer and oximeter) to track lung function and oxygen saturation. It allows patients to track and share their health data including temperature, medication use, breathlessness and activity as well as being able to set medication reminders and receive air quality and weather alerts.

We would like to get the views of the Lung Transplant Foundation on whether this approach is useful and whetheryou already measure your Lung Function at home.

Are you Pre or Post Lung Transplant *
If post transplant, how long is it since your transplant
Do you use a spirometer at home to measure your Lung Function *
Does your spirometer send data automatically to your phone / tablet device *
Is your data automatically shared with your specialist healthcare team *
Would you be willing to share your health data with your specialist healthcare team in real time? *
Would you be comfortable with sharing your anonymized health data to help research on lung conditions)? *
If you would like to be included in drawing for a connected spirometer, enter your email address (OPTIONAL)
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