Go Deep! Call for Presenters
Thank you for your interest in facilitating a workshop at the “Go Deep!” Conference hosted by the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio with support from researchers at Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In addition, generous grants from the Martha Holden Jennings foundation have assisted in supporting PZ practices across Central Ohio to make PZ training and support accessible for all educators. The two-day conference will be June 17-18, 2020 and will held on the New Albany Campus in New Albany, OH.

The conference will include one or more plenaries (large, conference style presentations by Project Zero researchers), some larger workshops facilitated by PZ researchers, and many smaller workshops facilitated by educators using PZ ideas in their classrooms and other educational settings. For those educators who have been trying out PZ ideas and would like to share your work with fellow educators, we welcome your application!

Members of the conference Steering Committee will review your application and make selections based on conference goals, throughlines and topic needs. Proposals may be submitted individually or as pairs of co-presenters.

The “Go Deep!” Steering Committee developed the throughlines for the conference based on those that Project Zero uses at its annual 5-day summer institute, the Project Zero Classroom. These four throughlines offer themes for the overall learning goals of the conference as well as how we will organize the workshops. These throughlines include:
• What are the roles of reflection and assessment in learning?
• How might we nurture creativity and critical thinking?
• How can we design for and with a variety of learners and contexts?
• What does deeper learning and thinking look, sound and feel like in a classroom, a school and a community?

All workshops are to be aligned with one of the throughline questions described above. Please indicate below which throughline connects best with the goals and activities in your proposed session. *
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