in the progress chill dining event
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in the progress takes reservations with guests sharing a commune table.
We strive to let our guest pay full attention to their food.
Not just enjoying the taste but also knowing where it came from and its stories!

There will be chances for you eating with people you might not know!
We do encourage you to meet new friends but you also have the option if you want to keep it private.
To book a whole dining event (specific dates / special occasions) please contact us directly and we will arrange it for you with another price.

We will start the event when we reach the minimum guests of four.
If the guest numbers do not reach our requirment for the event to happen, we will refund the deposit (not including the bank transferring fee).

The price for the set menu will be NTD 1500.
Higher price ranges can be discussed with the chef upon your choice of food etc.
Please contact us directly for exclusive menus.

Door opens at 18:30. There will be special treats provided before the dining event.
We will be starting our service 19:00 on time. So please do arrive on time!

Please do understand that we are a residential studio and we need to consider the neighbor's housing quality.
Therefore, service will end at 22:00 (with 15 mins of buffering time).
Please keep the volume down while communicating with others!

No other service fee is included but please tip us if you enjoy your night with us!
We provide alcohol and drinks with charge.
You may also bring in your own wine (red, white, rose, bubbles, dessert wine / hard liquor / sake etc).
The corkage fee will be NTD 300 per bottle.
If you do order any bottles of alcohol in the studio, corkage fee can be offset by bottles (beer and other drinks are not included).

If you do need to bring a cake for celebration; we're sorry but we do not provide storage service due to storage wise.
And the outside food fee will be NTD 200.
We also provide handmade cakes by our pastry chef (6 inch, chocolate based with seasonal fresh fruits).
NTD 450 per cake.
If needed, please leave a note below [ other info ] when you fill in the form!

For service prepping we will need you to pay a deposit first.
The full amount or half upon your decision.



若無法接受,也可以直接與我們洽詢關於包場(其他特定日期 / 特殊節日)的餐會形式!


晚餐菜單一人收費為 1500 元。

18:30 開放入場,我們將招待點心以及飲品。
我們將在 19:00 準時開始服務用餐;請務必準時到場!

散場時間為 22:00(15分鐘的緩衝時間)。

現場有販賣酒水但也可自行帶酒(限紅白粉紅酒 / 甜點酒 / 烈酒 / 清酒等等)。
開瓶費為 300 元 / 瓶

蛋糕的外食費用需要收 200元 的費用。
若有此需求請在填表時候在 [ 其他備註 ] 一欄告知我們。

為保證食材品質以及備料的過程,訂位確定後要先麻煩幫我們付一半 / 全額的訂金。

Reservations closed *
Maximum number of guests for each night is 12 / 每晚餐會上限為12人
Food allergies or anything you don't eat / 食物過敏或不吃的食材 *
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