Pass the Hat! An Amendment
## Proposed Addition to Article II of DSA National Bylaws: ##
## Require that National Pays Stipends to Locals ##

Section 7.

In addition to any procedures determined for the sharing of dues, the National Organization shall pay a standard monthly or quarterly stipend to each Local, whether or not incorporated as a separate entity, that (1) has a valid bank or credit union account into which the stipend can be deposited; and (2) regularly provides the National Organization with updated contact information for the Local and its leadership. Locals may use their stipends for any lawful purpose in their sole discretion, with the exception of electoral contributions or expenditures implicating campaign finance requirements.

The standard stipend shall be no less than $100 per month if paid monthly or $300 per quarter if paid quarterly. The standard stipend may be adjusted upward by the NPC, but shall always be the same for all Locals receiving it.

Co-authors: Erika P., Jennifer B., Zac E., Tawny T.


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