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An ISBN is a unique book identification number. In Australia they are issued by Thorpe-Bowker (www.thorpe.com.au).
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The barcode will go on the back of your book.
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An editor carrying out an assessment will read through your completed manuscript and focus on the overall structure, content and style of your manuscript. They will look specifically at your narrative; voice; plot; pace; characterisations; dialogue; readership, title, length and presentation. The editor will give a review of your manuscript and provide suggestions for improvement and ways for you to correct it.
Copy Editing *
A copy edit ensures that nothing disturbs the interaction between author and reader. We check the narrative flow, grammar, spelling and punctuation, consistency of styles, factual accuracy, legal concerns and more. This stage occurs before typesetting.
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Once a manuscript has been copyedited, our editor will do a final proofread of your book. This stage can also take place once the book has been typeset.
Cover Design
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Internal Design
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If yes to the above, how many footnotes/endnotes will there be?
Will you supply us with an internal layout template to follow? *
This includes specifications such as type size, line length, font selection, page order.
Picture Section
Is there a picture section to go with your book? *
If yes to the above, will images be supplied by you or do you need Independent Ink to scan them for you?
If taken from hard copy images (e.g. printed photos or drawings), they need to be scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi each to JPEG, TIFF or PDF file type. You may supply these to us on a USB or via WeTransfer/DropBox.
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Do you require marketing consultation for your publication? *
We offer a two hour one-on-one marketing session either face to face or via Skype
Printing Services and Ebook Conversion
When your book has been typeset and finalised, it's ready to be sent to the printer. In addition, your print publication can also be converted to an Ebook for reaching a larger audience who prefer to read on their smartphone/tablet device.
Do you require Independent Ink to organise printing and/or produce an Ebook of your publication? *
Independent Ink has partnerships with various Print-on-Demand providers to get your book printed at the highest quality at competitive prices. In addition to typesetting your printed book, Independent Ink can convert your book to an ebook for reading on tablets, smartphones and e-reader devices.
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