Awarables' Sleep Interview
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How important is your sleep to you?
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1. When you cannot sleep, how do you describe it to yourself or others?
Labels you use to talk about your sleep (e.g., insomniac, light sleeper, I don't sleep well, might have apnea, want to sleep better etc)
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2. Describe your PAIN/Problem with respect to sleep?
(Paragraph or essay describing events such as problems falling asleep, waking up etc, nighttime distress, daytime effects etc.)
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3. What remedies have you tried to improve your sleep and what have the biggest challenges been in finding a solution to improve your sleep?
(e.g., medication - prescription/OTC, behavioral therapy, alternate therapy, sleep hygiene - exercise, reducing alcohol/caffeine, devices. Any problems with getting medical solutions and clinical process)
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4. Have you discussed your sleep problems or had a sleep study?
5. What resources (people, sites etc) do you trust for your information about Sleep? Where & what would you search for when you are looking for a solution to your problem?
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6. Have you used manual diaries or “tech” (App, wearable) to monitor/improve your sleep? If so, what and how would you rate your satisfaction?
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7. If possible, describe how you would want “tech” (wearable, app etc) to help you monitor/improve your sleep?
(Paragraph or Essay about SOLUTION)
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8. Is there anyone else you know who struggles with sleep and interested in solutions? Friend, parent, child? (Name, contact info)
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Additional Notes?
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