Savvy Sister Profile Interview Questions
Thank you for your interest in being profiled on My Savvy Sisters. We are excited about sharing your wisdom with our sisterhood. Before you complete this form, please be sure that you meet the following criteria.

1) You must be a female or live your life 24/7 as a female.
2) You must be an entrepreneur which means you own and operate a business that is not a tier structured business.
3) This business must bring in at least 75% of your total personal income. It can not be a side hustle or gig.
4) You must have been in business for at least 2 years.
5) You must have an internet presence (website) and social media following (Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook or Youtube) that is updated regularly and designed in good taste.

Please do respond in a conversational tone and feel free to add as much information as you would like. This profile represents you and your business.
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I agree that I do meet every requirement to be profiled on My Savvy Sisters. *
Introduce yourself. Include your name, age, location, business website and occupation.
What did you pretend to be when you were younger?
Tell me about your business and why it is important to you. Offer background information about how it was started, when and where.Who helped you to get going?
What was your life like before you became an entrepreneur? What led to your desire to become an entrepreneur?
Describe an obstacle that you had to overcome in order to get your business started. How did you overcome this obstacle?
Describe how you funded your business.
What is it about you that stands out from the rest of women who desire to be a business owner but do not make it come to fruition?
If you had to describe your current lifestyle, how would you do that? What does a day consist of? How do you experience pleasure?
Tell me about the people you serve in your business. What kind of people seek you out and why are you the perfect fit to serve them?
Tell me a story about a time when you were afraid and you overcame this fear. What did you tell yourself to get over it?
What do you love most about your life right now? What makes you smile regularly? How do you reward yourself?
What advice do you have for other aspiring business owners? What do you wish someone had told you?
Please include any accomplishments, achievements or awards that you want me to mention.
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