UCICKI Winter 2018 Intramural Sports Interest Form
Thanks for your interest in UCI Circle K Intramural Sports!

UCI Circle K has become more active in the Intramural Sports world since 2016. Many members currently captain our teams in UCI Intramural Sports leagues, leading to member development in leadership skills and a rise in fellowship. Today, UCI Circle K has logged numerous games and have appeared in five playoff brackets resulting in one championship win.

UCI Circle K regularly participates in basketball, volleyball, softball leagues; but from time to time we like to try new sports such as ultimate frisbee, smennis, and soccer.

We hope that you're as excited as we are for Intramural Sports this coming Winter!

Learn more about UCI IM Sports:

UCI Circle K is participating in these sports for Winter 2018:
- πŸ€ Mens 5v5 Basketball
- πŸ€ Mens/Womens Tournament 3-Point Contest
- 🏐 CoRec 6v6 Volleyball
- ⚽️ CoRec 9v9 Outdoor Soccer

This form also has signups for the following Spring 2018:
- ⚾️ CoRec 10v10 Softball (pitch to opposing team)
[Practices start Winter quarter]

What's the catch?
All it takes is for you to purchase an Intramural Sports pass:
- $15 for the Winter quarter
- $28 for the Winter/Spring pass
- FREE for Annual pass holders
- FREE if only participating in the 3-Point Contest
- FREE for softball practices

Your captains will tell you what to do specifically if you join a team.

IMPORTANT: Sport-specific forms released
Your captains may have released their sport-specific forms already. Complete this form and contact your captain to fill out the sport-specific form.
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