Audition Notice: A Resurrection for York
A joint partnership between York Festival Trust, York Minster and YMPST.

Director: Philip Parr

Performances: May 29 and May 31, 2021
Deadline for receipt of audition material: midnight Monday 5 April 2021.

Venue – outdoors, using two wagons as stages, in the grounds of the Minster School on Deangate, outside York Minster.

There will be three performances per day with a running time of around 60 minutes. The intention is to have a live audience, socially distanced as required by the law, in place at the time. The performances will be live-streamed and a filmed record available later as a separate presentation.

Rehearsals - begin after Easter, and will initially be online. Working with the current government timetable as our guide, from April 12 we will have a blended rehearsal process, mixing some live outdoor rehearsals with continuing work online. From May 17 we are likely to have the wagons on site in Deangate for a more intensive live rehearsal from then up to the performance dates.

We will be rehearsing and performing, within the rules for performance as they apply at the time, and will share a detailed protocol with the ensemble. Conditions are evolving as we move through key dates, so we are looking for the best and safest possible way of working together. We’re happy to answer general questions in advance.

Who are we looking for? - We are looking for an ensemble of up to 25 people, and will be putting together a company of actors and musicians. The approach will be broadly similar to that for ‘A Nativity for York’ (2019), with a strong storytelling style of direct audience engagement, embedded music, and links to the present day. Our message is one of hope and looking to the future.

How to audition - We will be conducting auditions virtually. You need to send three self-filmed videos, with audio, using your phone, tablet or laptop so we can both see and hear you. Don’t worry about the quality of filming!

Any questions or problems about the auditions: email and we’ll get back to you.
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1/3 A speech from the sequence of plays:
A speech from the sequence of plays (34 The Road to Calvary – 42 The Ascension) which we are looking at for the script of this production. This might be your favourite speech or one that appeals to you.

Links to the online scripts in the Clifford Davidson version are here:

Other modernised texts are here:
The Road to Calvary: York Pageant 34: The Shearmen's Play
The Crucifixion: York Pageant 35: The Pinners' Play
The Death of Christ: York Pageant 36: The Butchers' Play
The Harrowing of Hell: York Pageant 37: The Saddlers' Play
The Resurrection: York Pageant 38: The Carpenters' Play
The Appearance of Christ to Mary Magdalen: York Pageant 39: The Winedrawers' Play
The Travellers to Emmaus: York Pageant 40: The Woolpackers' and Woolbrokers' Play
Doubting Thomas: York Pageant 41: The Scriveners' Play
The Ascension: York Pageant 42: The Tailors' Play
and the link to the online scripts in the Scoville and Yates version is here

Please present no more than 2 minutes, and there's no minimum - feel free to join lines together if necessary to establish a character. 
The film needs to be in one shot - not edited together.
Please film this somewhere quiet, indoors, without 'acting' except from the voice. Make sure you're happy with it, and that it plays back well. You don't have to have memorised it but need to be confident and on top of what you are saying.
1/3 submit speech from Mystery Play
Please send the video file by to
2/3 Indoor poem
One of the poems – choose from:

as with 1) above, take your time to record this as well as you can, in a quiet indoor space.
2/3 submit indoor poem
Please send the video file by to
3/3 One of the outdoor speeches

We are making this production, outside, partly in the public realm, with all of the elements of external noise and distraction that this brings. And also the need for performers to be confident and dynamic. So please film this in an outdoor, public location with the camera at least 20 paces away from you and without a separate mike. This is partly to have you perform to a viewer (in this case the camera) at a distance, so that we can see your connection across a big space. And also to watch you cope with the unexpected - which public space provides. Don't worry about the technical result - we are not looking for broadcast quality. And don't be shy of how you engage with the space you choose. There is a dialogue speech option in case you'd like to film this with a friend, each filming the other while speaking your own part. If you do this, then just send the two films separately with a note and we will sort it out at this end. Again we're not judging technical production but using all these elements to learn about you.
3/3 submit outdoor speech
Please send the video file by to
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