White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities: 2018 Networks Studentship Application Form
A Doctoral Training Partnership between the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York
Please read the notes for guidance on the WRoCAH website carefully before completing this application form.
This application form is for WRoCAH White Rose Networks doctoral studentships starting in October 2018 for the following networks:

- NETWORK 1 Floods: living with water in the past, present and future
- NETWORK 2 Electronic Soundscapes

Each network is offering THREE studentships, one each at Leeds, Sheffield and York.

Your application is in two parts, which can be completed in any order. Your application is NOT COMPLETE and WILL NOT be considered unless BOTH PARTS are complete prior to the deadline.

PART 1: Make a PhD programme application to the university of your choice

PART 2: Complete and submit this application form

The deadline for completing the application is in the advertisement, and MAY VARY between the networks. In the interests of fairness, applications received after the stated deadlines will not be considered.

You should not progress this application document until you have made your programme application.

Programme application *
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