Warrior-Wow Ban Appeal Form
If you have been banned from the Warrior Wow server or discord this is your chance at unban...
What Did You Get Banned From? *
What Is The Name Of Your Account That Got Banned? *
Why Did You Get Banned? *
Why Do You Think We Should Unban You? *
These rules have been put in place for you to follow. If you break these rules you will be punished accordingly

1) ⁠Do not spam
2) Please don't be rude to others
3) No inappropriate behavior (bad words)
4) No ⁠advertising
5) Don't threaten others
6) No NSFW content of any kind (porn, gore, etc)
7) No ⁠discrimination/racism
8) No doxxing/revealing private information of others
9) Do not impersonate anyone, especially staff members
10) Please speak English (so the mods know what you're saying)
11) No starting drama
12) No Advertising Our Server On Others

⁠If you encounter any errors or mistakes on this server, please DM a staff member about it

If We Do Unban You Do You Agree To All The Rules Listed Above? *
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