Personalised Training Log/Planner request form
From here you can request a personalised Log/Planner tool be sent to you. If you have a google account, it will be added to your google documents.

You can further modify any of the following settings using the "Settings" menus.
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Training log year *
The log will cover the calendar year Jan 1st - Dec 31st, but with a 24-month year-planner with an integrated periodization-plan generator
Your Google Account full email address (not just the handle, note that this may not be your regular email address) *
Enter the email address of your google account. This is normally but not always a gmail/googlemail account, but it must be the address you use to log into your google account. The new log will be added to you document list there and you'll also receive an email there with the link to bookmark. This address will not be added to any email lists.
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Alternative email address [Optional]
If your google account email address is not your regular email address then you can choose to have the notification email copied to another address, entered below.
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If you had a log from FOR THE PRIOR YEAR, enter the URL here and we'll import things like the settings, shoe, and year-plan data
If you fill this in, we'll ignore answers to the remaining (necessarily mandatory) questions.
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What unit do you use to measure your swims? *
What unit do you use to measure your bike rides? *
What unit do you use to measure your Runs? *
What unit do you use to measure your run pace? *
The logging tool calculates how long you worked out for each week/month. If you enter a time for a workout, it uses that information. If you don't enter a time, it estimates your training time based on your average speed. What is your average cycling speed over the year, measured in the unit you recorded above? (Default 18m/h, 29km/h)
For example, if you average 19mph, enter 19. NO UNITS PLEASE.
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What is your average running pace over the year, measured in minutes per the unit specified above? This should be entered as a decimal. (Default is 8min/ml, 5 min/km)
For example if you average 8:48min/ml, enter 8.8. NO UNITS PLEASE.
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On average, how far do you swim in a one hour training session that has stops for rests/recovery? (Default 2500m/hr, 2700yd/hr)
Measured in the unit specified above. enter a number, for example 2800. NO UNITS PLEASE.
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Lactate Threshold Heart Rate [Optional]
Simply enter a number (eg 160). If this optional field is populated then HR zones will be calculated and placed on row 1+2 of each monthly worksheet. Enter Lactate Threshold HR. This can vary with fitness, and is typically your all-out 60 minute HR. For an established runner, it is about about 96% of your 20-30 minute all-out running HR. More details at
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FYI: There are many other options available from the Settings menus to control things like optional columns, views, preferences, year-plan etc. There are also settings on the Equipment sheet.
How did you find out about this tool
Which sports are you interested in logging. MOST PEOPLE CHECK ALL 4 BOXES.
These settings and many others can be further modified later from the log's settings menu.
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