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Please fill out this form to let us know which communities you could help us liaise with in order to populate social media, radios, and other mass-media with correct and memorable information in minority/endangered languages.
Please make sure you have read the Project Protocol before filling out this form. The Protocol can be downloaded here:
By giving us your email address you authorize us to store your email address and use it to contact you. Your data will be used only for allowing communication between the virALLanguages team and you and will never be disclosed to third parties.
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Do you confirm you have read our Protocol for Language Team Coordinators? *
What are the languages in which you could facilitate translations? *
Will you be able to supervise the Language Teams for the languages you have indicated so that we are sure they follow the Language Team Protocol? *
In some cases, financial support equivalent to €10 has proven essential for Language Team Leaders to be able to upload video files and communicate with us via emails and social media. Financial support, if any, goes directly to Team Leaders, not through the virALLanguages project team. Will you be able to provide the Language Teams you would supervise with limited financial support? *
Is there anything you would like to tell us about the virALLanguages project and your involvement in it (e.g. problems, suggestions, overall availability, etc)?
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