Nominate a 2018 Word of the Year!
Since 1990, the AMERICAN DIALECT SOCIETY has selected words of the year to highlight language change, to bring a few aspects of the study of linguistics to the public’s attention, and to have a little bit of fun. The lighthearted vote is held each year the time of the society’s annual convention.



—doesn't have to be brand-new
—needs to have shown a rise in popularity in 2018
—can be a multiword phrase or compound
—Poor nominations: peeves and complaints, and little-used words that "theme" the year


Nominated words do not have to be absolutely brand new but they should have risen to prominence or reached some kind of peak of popularity in 2017.

The BEST NOMINATIONS are those words that show WIDESPREAD USAGE in a variety of contexts and situations, and which reflect important events, people, places, ideas, or preoccupations of English-speakers in North America or worldwide in 2018.

Peeves or complaints about overuse or misuse do not make good nominations.

Thematic words that simply describe the year but were not especially noticeable during the year do not make good nominations.

For the sake of the vote, “WORD” IS BROADLY DEFINED to include multiword phrases, compounds, and idiomatic expressions that more or less behave like single lexical items.


PLEASE NOMINATE ONE WORD PER USE OF THE FORM. You may submit as many nominations as you like, but do not cram lots of submissions into the fields below. Just reload the nomination form to get a blank that you can then use for the next nomination so that each nomination has its own submission.

NOMINATING A WORD MORE THAN ONCE DOES NOT IMPROVE ITS CHANCES OF BEING NAMED WORD OF THE YEAR. Just submit your nomination once, you rascal. Brigading and other forms of ballot-stuffing are obvious and easily ignored.

You can see all past winners here:

Questions? Email us at or talk to us on Twitter @americandialect.

PRIVACY NOTICE: We will never give, trade, share, sell, or otherwise transfer your email address to any other organization. We're asking for it here in case we want to ask you more questions about your nomination and to rein in ballot-stuffing a little bit.

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