Tinker Thursdays: Face Mask Carrier Workshop
Hi VIVISTOP Orchard members!

We will be making handy containers to store our face masks so we have a safe place to keep them when not in use. Since quite a few of us have been trying to make our own face masks at home, it would be great to have a clean carrier to place it too when we do go out! Gotta stay safe but innovative too!

We have 4 x slots to fill up for the Face Mask Carrier Workshop to be held on:

Date: 14th May 2020
Time: 330pm - 430pm


Materials needed:

Base material
- 1 x sheet of Baking paper (29cm x 24cm)
2 x Potato chip bags (at least 24cm x 12cm when you cut along one side and fully open it flat)
other similar snacks or food packaging materials that can be washed clean
1 x sheet of any paper at least 29cm x 24cm (you can use any paper to make a template in the session first if you do not have the above materials )

- 1 sheet of paper cut into 12cm x 12cm square to be used as template
- Extra paper for writing notes or sketching plans
- Washi paper tape or duct tape or ordinary sticky tape
- Scissors
- Long ruler (30cm) or use two small rulers!
- Pencil
- 1 x disposable face mask to use for checking size of mask carrier

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