LexPhil Community Partnership Program Application
Please fill out this application if your organization wishes to receive complimentary tickets to LexPhil concerts! For more information regarding our Community Partnership program, please visit lexphil.org/free-ticket-program
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Please rank these concerts from your first choice to last choice. More information about each concert can be found at www.lexphil.org. (1- most desired, 8- least desired) *
Opening Night: Home, 9/21/19
Deep Music, 10/25/19
Wind Power, 11/22/19
A Cathedral Christmas, 12/14/19
New Year's Eve: Mardi Gras in New Orleans, 12/31/19
Blue Beethoven, 2/21/20
Transfigurations, 4/17/20
Beyond the Sky, 5/16/20
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