2020-2021 AAN Membership Application
All regular membership applications must be submitted by June 14, 2021.
Affiliate membership applications are accepted throughout the year.
Company Info
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Membership category you are applying for, per the AAN Bylaws *
Why do you feel this is the best category for your organization? *
If you are applying for Regular Membership and the Membership Committee recommends Affiliate Membership instead, please indicate if you want your application to proceed under the Affiliate category. *
Ownership Disclosure (Required by Article I, Section 7 of the AAN Bylaws.) *
Please list the names of all persons or entities owning, directly or indirectly, beneficially or of record, at least one percent of the applying organization , and any other media properties in which they have an interest. Include the ownership percentage and location of each additional holding.
Do you share office space, staff, a rate card or resources with another publication, organization or media company? *
If the answer is yes, please specify what resources are shared and the name of the publication or media entity with which you share them.
Has the media organization been published for at least six months prior to January 1, 2020? *
Approximately what percentage of your editorial content consists of unique material that your organization has created/commissioned (i.e. not syndicated columns, aggregated stories, etc.)? *
What percentage of your content is news-oriented? (not arts and entertainment news but community-oriented news, such as political coverage, investigative reporting, and/or coverage of local issues.) *
Issues Submitted
Print publications should list cover dates; online publications should indicate go-live dates and URLs. Print publications may include a URL for an online-only web feature or story that your organization is particularly proud of.
Publication date, issue one
Publication date, issue two
Publication date, issue three
Optional link for print publication’s online extra
Staff Contacts
Please include phone extensions and/or e-mail addresses for each staff person.
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Advertising Director
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Additional Info
What do you hope your organization will gain from membership in AAN? *
What does your organization bring to the organization that will help strengthen the independent press? *
Describe the community you are serving, whether that’s a town/city, a group of people sharing an interest, or both. *
How is your organization an alternative or independent voice or thought leader in your community, and what about it makes it an alternative publication? (Please be as specific as possible) *
I have read the AAN Bylaws and understand the Membership Committee will make a non-binding recommendation on this application to the General Membership at the Annual Meeting. *
As part of your application, please send a nonrefundable check of $150 payable to AAN to help offset the expense of the admissions process. All regular membership application materials must be received by AAN by June 14, 2021. Please make check payable to "Association of Alternative Newsmedia" and send it to: AAN, P.O. Box 1152, Memphis TN 38101
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact AAN Association Manager Molly Willmott at mollyw@aan.org or AAN Membership Chair Jimmy Boegle at jboegle@cvindependent.com
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