Architecture Challenge: Human senses and technology in the human experience
BLOOMFIELDS part of Mostakbal City’s fully-integrated development in one of Tatweer Misr’s latest projects. It is set to become Egypt’s hotbed for startups and entrepreneurs. BLOOMFIELDS is the town to share ideas, create, but most importantly grab a piece of the magic that balances the best of community living, studying and work – all artfully combined under one roof.

A study conducted by the International Association of Computer Science and International Technology has concluded that the five senses of the human being can either enhance or diminish the user’s interactions with their community to create a more memorable experience.

Several other studies conducted on millennials have shown that a percentage of those millennials would rather lose one of their five senses than give up their phones/laptops. Technology has almost become a sixth sense that people cannot live without.

With theses 2 points in mind, the importance of human senses and technology in the human experience; we believe that Tatweer Misr can create better experiences in BLOOMFIELDS public space. Tatweer Misr is striving to create a more interactive, and memorable public urban space for those young inhabitants to experience; and therefore, create a more “happy community/city”.

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What is the Architecture Challenge?
Propose concepts and designs of shared Urban spaces for BLOOMFIELDS that use the human sense and technology.
What does your presentation need to include?
Proposal should include:
1, Design/s that use one or more of the six human senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, technology) to make people enjoy the urban public space in Bloomfields.
2. Explanation of design and how it works
3. How will the people be able to interact with it
4. Link to how this will support the “happy city/community” and “college-town” theme
5. What materials will you use to implement
6. Design cost to implement in real life
7. Age group that you are targeting

Winning ideas need a strong presentation with:
1. Visuals of your design that show your idea clearly
2. Real-life examples of materials that your design/s will use
3. Explanation of how your design/s answers the question
4. Non-traditional mediums of presentations are highly recommended

How do I present my idea?
Show us your idea in a short presentation format of maximum 5 slides that shows your plan and description.

Add a shareable link to your presentation in the form below.
You can use any format and even add hand drawn ideas, but please make sure the presentation is accessible.
*You can use Google Drive or Dropbox to share.

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