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This form is to request access to the #Measure Slack team.

The intent of this group is for knowledge sharing, connecting with peers in the industry, and some fun.

Please note, vendors and others that shamelessly promote their products or services will be warned and eventually removed from the group. Using information from Measure Slack, such as quotes, names, email addresses, etc.. without the explicit written permission of the person is grounds for immediate removal. Don't be a jerk and steal information.

Remember, be nice to others. (read: limit snark, trash talking, and other childish behavior)

To learn more about #Measure Slack you can visit our website: https://www.measure.chat/

Each invite request is manually validate by a real human being. This means you may not get your invite for a couple days, but if given the choice between being slow with great quality participation versus everyone and anyone automatically having access (including the ability to direct message you with sales pitches), we have decided to be more safe than sorry.

The Slack Privacy Policy is available here: https://slack.com/privacy-policy

In addition to the Slack privacy policy, #measure Slack leverages an integration with Slack and analytics solutions such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Localytics to better understand which channels are being utilized the most and general user engagement. Personal information such as your full name and email address are not included in the data collected unless you provide this information in the body of the message that you write. Additionally, direct messages and communication in private channels is not collected. The only source of data used is from public channels where other users would see your message either way.

Once you are signed up as a user of #measure Slack, if you would like access to the analytics data that is collected please write @leeisensee (in Measure Slack) and permission will be granted. This analytics data is not share beyond the #measure Slack team and the respective solution providers.

If you have any questions about joining Measure Slack please contact Lee Isensee directly via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisensee

A couple of the current channels include...
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**DO NOT IGNORE** You are not PRINCE or MADONNA, you have a first and last name. Without a first and last name you will not be invited.
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