S.A.I.L. Mentoring Program: Sophomore Application 2018
The Sophomore Advanced Initiative for Leadership (S.A.I.L.) Mentoring Program is a leadership development & mentoring initiative sponsored by The Butler Center. S.A.I.L. is meant to create a culture of mentorship that supports the success and sense of belonging for sophomore students at Colorado College. This is supported by opportunities to build mentoring relationships with peer leaders, create a sense of community with fellow sophomores, engage in leadership development workshops, and access resources that can aid in a student's academic thriving, wellness, identity development, interpersonal understanding, vocational success, financial literacy, study away experiences, and personal well-being.

In S.A.I.L., sophomore students are supported through:
- Mentoring with Peer Leaders (juniors and seniors)
- Holistic advising with Butler Center staff
- Sophomore Gatherings
- Leadership Development Workshops
- Social activities and outings each semester

APPLICATION DUE: 2nd Friday, October 5
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