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As you complete this intake form, please do so as thoughtfully and thoroughly as possible. There are no "right" answers, only your unique truth. Once you submit this form, I will respond within 3 to 5 business days to let you know about possible next steps.

I applaud you for taking this powerful step & look forward to reading all of your responses. Thank you so much!
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The total investment is €1111 (or 6x €195 in monthly installments). Is this level of investment something you are comfortable with and confident about being able to fulfill? *
What objections, hesitations, or concerns do you have about this program? Is there any way that I could help you with to feel more at ease? *
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Know that filling in this form doesn't automatically result into us working together. I'm going to carefully read and examine your answers and take time to feel if we could be a match. You'll be notified of my answer within 3 to 5 business days. Thank you so much for understanding. If you feel like you need to add something, tell me something, have questions, or you don't want to go through with this journey, you can always drop me an e-mail at
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