Wild/Cultivated Criteria Survey
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How important is each of the following criteria for determining the wild/cultivated status of an observation on iNaturalist?
Not important
Slightly important
Somewhat important
Fairly important
Extremely important
Population introduced by humans
Population recently introduced by humans (within past century)
Specific organism introduced by humans
Population managed by humans
Population receives care or cultivation from humans
Population is intended to be hunted or harvested
Movement restricted by humans
Movement intentionally restricted by humans
Enclosed in a fenced area
Enclosed in a fenced area smaller than its natural territory
Behavior restricted by humans (mating, predation, etc.)
Privately owned (e.g. by a ranch)
Fed by humans
Dependent on humans for survival
The organism's exact location (within 1 mile) is determined by humans
The organism's general location (within 100 miles) is determined by humans
Organism was produced (born/germinated) under human control
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