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Hi! Thank you for considering Embrace You Weight & Wellness for your patient's weight management needs. The mission of Embrace You Weight & Wellness is to empower our clients with a thorough understanding of their weight gain triggers and develop a personalized, scientific strategy for sustainable weight loss. Every patient receives an in-depth Weight Gain Triggers Strategy planning consultation with Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie, our Lead Physician. Dr. Bollie is dual board-certified in Internal Medicine & Obesity Medicine. Patients then enroll in our six-month program. That program includes a weekly Movement Motivation (exercise) session, Mindset Meeting (education & support group), access to our private support forum, a customized meal planning strategy, and a monthly visit with Dr. Bollie to review their Weight Gain Trigger Strategy. After 6 months they have the option of continuing to meet monthly with Dr. Bollie.
Before joining the program, your patient will need to complete a complimentary consultation with Dr. Bollie to ensure they are ready for the Embrace You Weight & Wellness program.
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Thank you for assisting your patient in optimizing their health through sustainable weight loss! We will send them an email invitation for consultation and keep you updated on the outcome. Please feel free to leave any closing questions or concerns below.
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