Ponderosa 2018 Art Installation Program
Do you have an art concept that you would like to bring to life this summer? If the answer is "yes," then read through the Ponderosa Art Installation Program Eligibility Requirements and Guidelines and get busy filling out our 2018 application form.
Eligibility Requirements and Program Guidelines
Who can apply?
- All ages and experience levels are eligible to apply.

- "Artist" is designated as someone that is actively working on the design, coordination, and/or construction of the installation.

- Artist will be responsible for all elements of design, construction, operation, and maintenance of their installation for the entire duration of the festival. Ponderosa is not responsible for any damage or losses to an installation during the event.

- All artists will be required to provide proof of liability insurance naming 367 Productions as additional insured.

- All installations must be temporary structures as the site must be restored to its original state at the end of the event. Artists that are selected will have 24 hours on site to construct their installation. Similarly, installations must be dismantled and hauled away within 24 hours following the event.

- Structures must be structurally sound and weather proof. Heavy wind, rain, and extreme heat are to be taken into consideration.

- Ideal projects are environmentally conscious in construction and produce little to no waste.

- Festival Passes, including camping, can be provided for up to two of the artists in a team.

Now to the nitty-gritty!

We are looking for projects that invoke conversations, that excite, and that will add something special to this summer’s Ponderosa. We are looking for projects that are pleasing in the daytime and can be illuminated at night. We have space and can provide power so gather your friends and get creative!

Fill out the form below and give us an idea of what you have in mind. If we see it as a good fit for Ponderosa and like what you're laying down, then we will contact you directly for more details.

In freshness,

Kris and Kia

I have read and agree with the Eligibility Requirements and Project Guidelines *
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