Application for Membership:

The International Women's Society was founded in 1957

(1) To foster and promote international understanding among all people.
(2) To work for the advancement of women and children in Nigeria.
(3) To help and provide cultural exchanges for women of all races in the area of home making, children, social welfare, health, home finance and education.
(4) To discuss problems affecting the various communities in Nigeria.
(5) To endeavor to establish relations with similar organizations in Nigeria and other countries.
(6) To aid worthwhile welfare and charitable projects.
(7) To encourage and develop the common interest of women.

Please have your application for Membership proposed and seconded by two members, both of whom must be of over one year's standing. Your application must be received by the Membership Secretary before the quarterly election of new members. Elections are held on the first Tuesday in January, April, July and October. Your application will be considered by the executive committee and you will be notified if you are elected.

Entrance fee for new members : ₦20,000
I.W.S. Pin : ₦10,000
Annual due including ₦1,000 tea levy: ₦10,000
Life Membership : ₦50,000
I.W.S T-shirt : ₦1,500

Please do not send any money until you have been notified of your election
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