Panel Proposal - NanoCon Mk. VI
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Guidelines for panel submissions
Successful fan-run panels generally fit into one of three categories: panels that include both presentation and discussion components, panels presenting an activity that involves audience participation, and panels that focus on a demonstration.

Participants are responsible for following copyright law. Panels that propose a public screening or reading of part or all of a copyrighted work must include details about clearances or other necessary permissions obtained or needed. NanoCon staff may work with panelists seeking certain copyright clearances but are under no obligation to do so.

Panel submissions that adhere to the NanoCon Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals are more likely to be selected for the convention. In addition, we look for a variety of panels, considering especially panels that:

• introduce beginners to a particular science fiction subgenre or theme
• invite more-experienced fans to explore a specific science fiction topic or theme in more depth
• are well planned out, with discussion questions and prompts prepared
• have sufficient content to fill the scheduled length of the panel
• are enlightening as well as entertaining.

A list of presenters' names must be supplied in the panel proposal. All presenters must be current registered members of NanoCon no later than the deadline for panel proposals. (Membership does not carry over from past conventions.)

Registration information must be accurate. If a panelist cannot be contacted, the panel proposal may be rejected.

Any questions or thoughts about the panel proposal form may be sent to the Program Director at

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