2021 WPRB Princeton 103.3FM Listener Survey
!!~~A quick lil survey so we can better understand who listens to WPRB!! (who r u???)~~~

ALL information is confidential and will not under ANY circumstances be given to any external entity, be sold, etc. Your info is safe with us.
The zip code of your home/apartment/abode, etc.
How would you describe the strength of WPRB's FM transmission within your zip code?
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How old are you?
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What's your gender identity?
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How do you listen to WPRB? (please selecta more than one if necessary)
Where do you most often listen to WPRB? (please selecta more than one if necessary)
When do you usually listen to WPRB?
How long have you been listening to WPRB?
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Favorite Part(s) about WPRB?
If you could change one thing about WPRB, what would it be?
Besides the spring fundraising Drive and the fall Silent Drive, what other fundraising ideas would like to see WPRB try?
Name an artist whose music you first discovered by hearing them on WPRB? (if you want)
Do you enjoy hearing Princeton Athletics games broadcast on WPRB?
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May we contact you for further questions sometime in the future?
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Email address if you're okay with being contacted by us
Any additional details/comments/questions/concerns/ideas?
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