How Not To Lose Your Cool As a Parent
Tame your anger, ditch your guilt and become a more joyful and present parent.

In this 4 week journey you will take baby steps towards a calmer, guilt free, more joyful and present parenting.

You will understand your brain and why you lose your temper so easily.

You will learn various strategies on how to manage your anger and frustration in a healthy and constructive way and therefore how to support your children through their emotional outbursts.

You will discover the secret of how to turn struggling moments into thriving moments that will strengthen your bond with your children and you will learn other empowering positive parenting hacks that will make your family life more enjoyable.

This course is for parents who want to be able to keep their cool even when the situation feels far from that.

Parents who want to understand themselves and their children on a deeper level and who are willing to learn and try new, effective, science-based parenting tools and strategies to improve the quality of their family life.

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