TechCrunch End Of Year Review (Europe)
TechCrunch is running an end-of-year review for the EUROPEAN tech industry.

We'd love your input on the feature. We'd like to know what particular topics really resonated with you in 2019 and what your predictions are for 2020.

Please give us your thoughts in the survey below. The more 'raw', unfiltered or 'blunt' your responses the better. Everything you write will be considered to be on the record, unless you specify something.

* DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 11pm December 16*

Alas, we can't guarantee your contribution will be in the final articles (there will be more than one), but if you DON'T participate then you definitely won't be.

You can edit your responses.

As "stimulus" here are some previous surveys we've run in cities/regions in Europe, but you do not have to follow these. These are just for ideas:

- Nordic:
- Paris:
- Berlin:
- London (Consumer):

* DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 11pm December 16*
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Question 1. What particular topic in startups really resonated with you in 2019? What were the biggest issues startups and investors faced in 2019? Why? What went right? What went wrong? (Please take as much space as you need). *
Question 2. In light of these questions and your reflections on the past year, what are your predictions for 2020? (Please take as much space as you need). *
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