WFSO Young People's Concert
Thank you for taking part in our Young People's Concert survey for teachers.
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What type of school do you represent?
How did you hear about the WFSO Young People's concert? (Check all that apply)
Which performance did you attend on January 25, 2019?
Which materials did you utilize in your class prior to attending the concert?
Did you show the preparatory video, "Welcome to the WFSO" to your students prior to attending the concert?
Did you utilize the audio and video weblinks available with the curriculum?
If yes, which of the following is the most accurate:
Overall, how interested were your students in attending the concert?
How much did YOU enjoy the concert?
How much do you think your students enjoyed the concert?
What did you think was the most appealing aspect of the concert?
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Did you discuss the concert in class after the performance?
How many of your students expressed interest in being in middle school band, orchestra or choir?
How many of your students reported that this was the first live orchestra concert they had attended?
Was there any special or memorable moment for you as an educator on this trip?
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How would you rate the value of the WFSO's Young People's Concerts?
Do you plan to attend the Young People's Concert in January, 2020?
Do you have any suggestions about how the Young People's Concert experience could be enhanced for your students?
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