An Army of Talented Students Survey
This survey will be used to help our classes learn from each other. Your area of expertise will be very beneficial to building a collaborative and cooperative classroom of creative learners.
What is your last name?
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What is your first name?
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What period do you have literature class?
Do you have a smartphone or regular cell phone?
When using a smartphone or mobile device, which software platform do you prefer?
Do you have a laptop, tablet, or iPad that could be used in our class?
Do you have internet access at home?
Rate your technology skills level.
Rate your teamwork skills level.
Rate your writing skills level.
Rate your acting skills level.
Rate your musical skills level. (Creating music via software, playing a musical instrument, writing lyrics, etc.)
After visiting this Symbaloo Webmix of creative links for students (, please list a website that you would be willing to teach through screencasting.
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Describe yourself. List any talents, hobbies, and any other pertinent/appropriate information. Please be detailed and thorough.
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