POPIA Readiness Self Assessment
Protection of Personal Information compliance and readiness self assessment survey.
The survey should ideally be completed by the Information Officer, Operations Manager or Executive.
Please answer YES, UNSURE, NO or NOT APPLICABLE to each question.
Information collected will only be used for purposes of the survey and supporting members of the SAAHA association.
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Organisation Name *
Region / Province *
Are you aware of the official Government Gazetted Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) legislating which comes into effect on 1 July 2021? *
Do you have access to the official Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) legislation, coming into play as of 1 July 2021? *
Do you know the objectives and deliverables for implementation of POPIA? *
Have you completed a POPIA gap analysis for your organisation? *
Have you completed and implemented all requirements as described in the POPI Act towards POPIA Readiness? *
Are you aware the legislation requires to elect and register an Information Officer by the 1st July? *
Have you registered the Information Officer with the relevant Regulatory Authority? *
Can you confirm that your Information Officer is aware of their duties and responsibilities and has been trained on its aspects ? *
Are your Directors / Shareholders / Executive Management aware of the legal and legislative rules and requirements for POPIA implementation and compliance? *
Has each of your departments , divisions and sections been advised of POPIA and their roles and responsibilities? *
Have you considered and documented all types of data being processed by the organisation? *
Do you have a Privacy Policy in place? *
Do you have a Data Processing Policy in place? *
Do you have a Data Incident Response Policy in place? *
Do you have a POPIA Manual? *
Do you have a PAIA Manual? *
Has your organisation completed a Cyber Security and Data risk review and audit? *
Does your POPIA readiness cover the primary strategic areas of People, Processes and Technology? *
Do you have a strategy and project plan in place for the next 30 pre-POPIA days and a further 60 days post POPIA initiation, monitoring , review and compliance? *
Would you be interested in having a POPIA risk audit and executive report? *
Would you be interested in having a Cyber Security risk audit and executive report? *
Would you be interested in a structured programme towards POPI readiness and compliance? *
Comments and Additional Support Requests
Thank you for completing this survey. Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact Primary Health via email to markr@primaryhealth.co.za
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