2019 GMMO Apparel Orders
Please complete this form to submit your apparel orders for the season. While all swimmers who wish to participate in meets are expected to have a team swimsuit, all other apparel items on this form are optional. If you do not wish to order an apparel item, simply leave the question blank.

To ensure delivery of apparel by the first swim meet, please submit all apparel orders by May 15th. A second round of late apparel orders will not be placed until the end of the first week of the season. This second round of orders will not arrive until midseason, and some items might no longer be able to be personalized.

Team suits can be purchased directly from Elsmore Swim Shop at any point before or during the season at the following web address: https://elsmoreswim.com/teams/minnesota/summer/gmmo.html

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Parka ($115)
Red with black and white GMMO logo embroidered across back and swimmer's name embroidered on chest
Name on Parka
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Hockey Lace Up Hoodie ($38)
Gray with red and black GMMO logo across chest and black and white hockey laces
Optional Name on Hoodie (On Back)
Add $7
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Sweatpants ($28)
Black with GMMO logo embroidered on leg
Athletic 1/4 Zip
Black polyester 1/4 zip with GMMO logo embroidered on chest
Baseball Cap ($16)
Black with red and white embroidered GMMO logo
Parent T-Shirt ($12)
GMMO Swim Cap
Comes in sets of 2
Optional Name on Swim Cap
Add $6
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Hammerhead Protective Swim Cap ($35)
Black with one-color GMMO logo. The honeycomb design of this cap keeps swimmers safer by reducing risk of head injuries in the water. Cap can be worn for practices or meets. This cap is highly recommended for all swimmers ages 12 and under in order to minimize risk of injury.
GMMO Backpack ($39)
Optional Name on Backpack
No additional cost
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