2018 Marshalltown Tornado Response
Homeowner Assistance Request Intake Form
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SAFETY: Power lines down on property?
SAFETY: Trees and power lines entangled?
SAFETY: Trees resting on power lines?
SAFETY: Unrestrained animals on property?
SAFETY: Other Info
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TARPING: Which structures require tarps?
TARPING: Size of required tarp(s)
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TARPING: Is roof stable to walk/work on?
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TARPING: Need help installing tarp?
TARPING: Other info
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TREE WORK: Trees/limbs on
TREE WORK: Trees/limbs blocking access to
TREE WORK: Number of trees needing cut
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TREE WORK: Size of trees needing cut
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TREE WORK: Other info
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DEBRIS: Public Works sent them to 2-1-1 to get volunteer help to move debris to curb?
DEBRIS/DEMOLITION: Non-vegetative debris on property?
DEBRIS/DEMOLITION: Inside structure(s)?
DEBRIS/DEMOLITION: Debris blocking access to
DEBRIS/DEMOLITION: Heavy machinery required?
DEBRIS/DEMOLITION: Unsalvageable structure(s)?
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FENCING: Is there fence work?
FENCING: Containing Livestock?
FENCING: What type of fence?
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FENCING: Appx. length of fence needing work?
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FENCING: Equip. required & other info
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WATER DAMAGE: Water level in home
WATER DAMAGE: Is there currently water in the home
WATER DAMAGE: Part(s) of house affected by flooding
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WATER DAMAGE: Removal of damaged appliances, furniture, flooring or personal belongings needed?
WATER DAMAGE: Did any drywall get wet
WATER DAMAGE: Do you need it removed?
I authorize the Central Iowa RSVP to release information that is considered relevant and necessary for the purpose of determining assistance to other partner agencies involved in disaster relief.
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