MFML 2018 Internship Application
Session 1: Sunday, July 8th - Saturday, July 14th
Session 2: Sunday, July 15th - Saturday, July 21st

Thank you for your interest in the Mother Falcon Music Laboratory internship program! Applicants must be at least 15 years old and have attended at least two sessions of camp prior to the internship.

Intended for our most enthusiastic alumni, the internship offers an opportunity to get involved and experience camp from a new perspective! Interns maintain a rigorous schedule, full of new challenges and responsibilities which must be faced with maturity and a positive attitude. As an integral part of MFML's operation, interns are exposed to every aspect of the organization: they participate in the set up and break down of rooms, instruction of classes, leadership of activities, and post camp debrief. This entails following the direction of coordinators and staff, abiding by staff codes of conduct, knowing the set up of each practice space, learning how to move equipment safely and efficiently, and always being helpful when the opportunity presents itself. Interns will also have band practice together to create their own original music. 

After we receive this application, we will contact you to schedule a phone interview.

Volunteer hours, recommendation letters and proof of internship are happily granted upon completion of your internship.

Please direct questions to
It is mandatory for interns to attend orientation on the Sunday before each session you intern (Sunday, July 8th or Sunday, July 15th). Please consider the Sunday before each of your camp sessions the first day of your intern shift. Lunch will be provided on this day only.
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Photography and Visual Media
Projection and Animation
Sound Design
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We appreciate your interest in the internship program. The next step of the application will be a phone interview, to be scheduled through e-mail or text.
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2017 Session 2 Interns at KMFA (Look how happy they are!)
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