Wetu Supplier Survey
The purpose of this survey is to find out what you like and don't like, to learn how we can improve. Thanks for your help!
1) Which Wetu products do you use?
2) Do you think that you have saved loads of time by managing your content in Wetu?
3) Since joining Wetu, do you find more Operators selling your product?
4) How often do you update your specials in the Specials Portal?
5) Do you feel that content distribution is easier using Wetu?
6) If you've used Wetu's iBrochure translation service, what response have you had from clients?
7) How do you find the Wetu Facebook app?
8) How do you make your iBrochure and catalogue available to the trade and clients?
9) What can Wetu do to make your content distribution easier?
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