Thank you for contacting Committee Films, Inc. (“CFI”) with a media production concept (“Concept”). While we are always open to any opportunity to improve and expand our production portfolio, we must take certain precautions when receiving unsolicited concepts. We will consider submitted concepts and ideas only after the submitter has executed and returned this Idea Submission Policy and Agreement (“Agreement”).

1. OWNER OF CONCEPT. CFI will only consider your Concept with your assurance that you are the sole originator of the Concept and have the right to share it. Any collaboratively owned ideas require each member of the ownership party execute this Agreement;

2. NO GUARANTEE OF CONFIDENTIALITY. You acknowledge that CFI may disclose the Concept to its employees and associates to evaluate the concept’s merit. Additionally, it is understood that no confidential relationship is entered into or implied by this Agreement;

3. CONCEPTION BY COMMITTEE FILMS. CFI and its employees develop many ideas of their own, some of which may be similar to yours. Accordingly, you hereby waive any claim that any concepts developed in the future by CFI were misappropriated by CFI or any of its employees from any ideas, in whole or in part, from your submitted Concept;

4. SUBMISSION NOT RETURNED. CFI does not assume any obligation to return the submitted materials to you. You accept responsibility for retaining duplicates yourself;

5. NO GUARANTEE OF COMPENSATION. No agreement for compensation shall be implied by CFI’s consideration or review of your Concept. If CFI chooses to act on your Concept, you will enter into negotiations for compensation and licensing at that time.

By submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above idea submission policy and agreement, and that you agree to the conditions contained therein.
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