Course Submission Request
This form should be used for people interested in submitting a course to be taught through the Naturopathic Medicine Institute.

There are three categories: Core Curriculum, Elective Category A (counts towards requirements for Fellow status) and Elective Category B (NMI approved but does not fulfill Fellow status requirements). Should your course be approved, the Curriculum Committee will work with you to determine in which category your course best fits.

Criteria for Submission:
► Instructor is a Vital Associate of the NMI
► Complete online course submission application.
► Coursework inspires an understanding of safe and effective natural methods to achieve optimal health.
► Coursework supports an understanding of how to support an individual's innate vital force.
► Coursework supports a foundation in vitalistic naturopathic philosophy.
► Instructor has at least 7 years of clinical or teaching experience.
► Instructor has proof of licensure, certificate, or diploma in their specific field of expertise.
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