Internet Access Survey
This survey is intended to gather information about the availability of Internet access in the homes of families with Ridgefield School District students. If you do not currently have Internet access, but it is available, you may qualify for low-cost options. See the following for details:
š‚šØš¦šœššš¬š­ šˆš§š­šžš«š§šžš­ š„š¬š¬šžš§š­š¢ššš„š¬
š‚šžš§š­š®š«š²š‹š¢š§š¤ š‹š¢šŸšžš„š¢š§šž

Please complete the survey whether or not you currently have Internet service.
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Do you currently have Internet access in your home? *
If you answered "Yes" above, what is the download/upload speed, ie. 3Mbs/256Kbps, etc? If you don't know, answer "don't know". š‚šžš§š­š®š«š²š‹š¢š§š¤ š”š¬šžš«š¬: Log onto your account and click on "My Products". Your speeds will appear there. š‚šØš¦šœššš¬š­ š”š¬šžš«š¬: Log onto your account. Click on "Devices". Scroll down to "Data Usage Overview". Your plan and speeds are listed there.
If you have Internet access, do you have wireless access?
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Would you like to apply for possible assistance in obtaining Internet, or better Internet service, at your home? (If you currently have Internet but you believe it is insufficient, please apply) *
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